WordPress Development + WooCommerce

Our development process is as fairly straightforward and you have the option of being more or less hands on. Either way after you purchase a website from us we will need you to send us as many pieces of direction as you can. Of course this will include essential information such as your Business name and address, your logo image files, any branding guidelines you have, as well as examples of websites that you like. After you purchase we’ll send you a welcome kit and a link to a google drive folder to

Why WordPress

WordPress is an open source content management system for dynamic web applications. It currently powers 28% of the entire internet. It is far and away the most versitile and highly supported content management system out there. We also think they the benefits of using WordPress go beyond the creative customization abilities and into the core functionality options available to WordPress users.

Why WooCommerce

Like WordPress, WooCommerce is the biggest and the baddest. It powers an astounding 42% of ALL online stores. That means it has the most robust third-party plugins for the strongest functionality and the smoothest configuration. By building on a WooCommerce platform you maintain total control over your inbound and outbound marketing, your analytics, and most importantly – your margins. Payment processors like Stripe and BrainTree make it easy to accept payment from major credit cards, paypal, and Apple Pay.

Need managed hosting?

We have different hosting packages depending on the nature of the site you are hosting and the capabilities you’re looking for. Got a simple site? Our packages start at $15/mo. For heavier traffic sites and ecommerce stores you’ll want our pro hosting option which starts at $30/mo.

Each and every one of our hosting plans comes with an SSL certificate for HTTPs browser security. We also have site management packages where we will manage your plugin, theme and WordPress updates to make sure eveything keeps running smoothly with all the latest software releases, keep regular backups, and use security measures to keep hackers out.


How will you know how well your website is doing without analytics? Google analytics is a free software developed by google to help you navigate the world of the web. Analytics can be a little confusing if you’re just getting started but they have a free academy where you can learn how to understand your data. For ecommerce stores google offers “Enhanced eCommerce Anayltics” for tracking and attributing purchases, payment methods or device type.

Google’s new product Data Studio (also free) lets you import your google analytics data directly into their dashboard. Before you know it you’ll have beautiful resports at the click of a button.

We’re a pretty new company but we’ve got big aspirations. See some of the work we’ve already done from web development to conent creation and online marketing.

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